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Legenday Amazon -gesinsboublokke Legkaart Montessori -speelgoed vir kinders Montessori -speelgoed

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Fun Rainbow Silicone Jenga 

Die opleiding van die baba se vermoë om hande en brein te gebruik, intelligensie te ontwikkel, word gelukkig groot


Strict inspection and testing ----------The love for the baby is not miserable

Silikoon van voedsel, nie skadelik vir baba nie                                                                           
Met gekwalifiseerde toetsverslag oor produkkomponente en 3C -sertifisering                           
Dubbele sekuriteit!     


Shapes recognizing Touch sensation experiences

Learn to distinguish colors, be familiar with up and down, know big and small differences as well as other logical concepts Effective training hands-on and brain ability


Oefen baba se hand-oog-koördinasie 

Ontwikkel konsentrasie en geduld                                                                         
Laat baba plesier kry deur te speel en sodoende die ontwikkeling van die brein verder te bevorder


Leer oor die groot wêreld met klein hande                                

Vol pret tydens ouer-kind tyd  

Silikoonmateriaal, gemaklike gevoel, veelvuldige style                                                           
Stimuleer die baba se brein                                                                                                       
Kweek logiese denkvermoë


LegenDay Idea Design One Day 

Design Sample Three Days

adopts the latest technology and provides customized services, including shapes/sizes/colors/signs/packaging, etc., to meet your specific needs-no matter what you have in mind, we will research and implement it!


With more than 10 years experience as a manufacturer and supplier of silicone products 

LegenDay keep develop cost-effective silicone goods,we are trying let more and more people know and use silicone products, contribute their share to protect the earth.We have supplied innumerable silicone products to clients all over the world, including Americas,England, Europe, Australia,Canada,Netherlands,South Africa,Poland,Russia, Singapore,Malaysia,UAE, Saudi Arabia,Mexico, Brazil,Turkey, Asia and Africa and so on, also have good reputation among them.

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We will continue to learn and improve the professional          

knowledge of the silicone industry 

so as to provide explanations and answers to all your silicone problems, please feel free to contact us.

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